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Complete Course & Guide

Complete Course & Guide

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A self-paced course with videos and a card look-up database that fortifies your abilities with the Between Worlds deck. Practice ways to connect with the cards, learn from sample readings, and explore un-published, advanced spreads.

Course Delivery Format


The course is delivered as a PDF. The PDF acts a complete self-contained course.


The PDF links out to the digitally formatted course, hosted on Notion. There, you will find videos and the Card Look-Up tool.

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  • Self-Paced Format

    The course is delivered in PDF format, and also hosted on Notion. Go cover to cover, or skip around. How you engage is up to you.

  • Instructional Videos

    There are multiple instructional videos in the digital course that supplement the materials and add additional explanations.

  • Expanded Card Descriptions

    An easy-to-use digital Card Look-Up database offers quick access to more extensive card descriptions.

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Course Outline:


The introduction welcomes you to a "World Between" and gives you a brief overview of how the deck was made, its general influences, and how it situates itself amongst itself and other decks.

Part 1: Learning To See

See the world, and the deck, as both mirrors and templates for building meaning.


1.1 Learning to See The Signs

1.2 Looking Beneath The Surface

1.3 Looking to the Sky

1.4 The AI of it All

Part 2: Knowing the Deck

Know the significance and importance of the deck structure to support your readings.


2.1 The World And Structure

2.2 Emergence

2.3 Universal Forces

2.4 Wisdoms

2.5 Journey of the Valleys & Aspects

Part 3: Giving Readings

Learn to use the deck in offering readings for yourself and others.


3.1 Connecting with the Cards

3.2 Choosing A Spread

3.3 Sample Readings

3.4 Establishing A Practice

Learn to Look

This course offers several lenses through which to look in order to not necessary find meaning, but make it. It provides an overview of Jungian perspectives and a history of the use of birds in divination.

Deep Dive into the Cards

Go beyond the guidebook. Learn about how and why the deck is structured the way it is, including a deeper dive into each of the categories and their significance.

Learn and Practice Giving Readings

Practice ways to connect with the cards, learn from sample readings, and explore un-published, advanced spreads.